Gebratener Leberkäse (Roast Meat Loaf)

Leberkäse is a speciality which has its home in Austria and the south of Germany.

Leberkäse consists of corned beef, bacon and onions and is made by grinding the ingredients very fine and then baking it as a loaf in a bread pan until it has a crunchy brown crust.

It was told that Leberkäse was invented in 1776 by a cook from Bavaria called Duke Karl Theodor. The name "Leberkäse" literally translates to "liver-cheese" even though in Bavaria the dish traditionally contains neither liver nor cheese. Linguists believe that the etymlogy of the word either involves the Middle High German word lab (to clot) or the word laib (loaf), and the Slavic root quas (feast).

In Austria the roasted Leberkäse is also called "Arbeiterschnitzel", which means such a dish is the Viennese Schnitzel for the poor worker (Leberkäse = Workers Schnitzel). Maybe in former times the Leberkäse was a popular dish among the working class.

Roasted Leberkäse with vegetables.