Christstollen (Christmas Stollen)

Stollen is a bread-like cake, usually eaten during the Christmas season as Weihnachtsstollen or Christstollen. Stollen (originally Striezel) was created in Dresden in around 1450, and the most famous Stollen is still the Dresdner Stollen, sold, among other places, at the local Striezelmarkt Christmas market.

Stollen is a light airy fruitcake made with yeast, water and flour, and usually dried citrus peel (called "Zitronad(e)), dried fruit, almonds, and spices such as cardamom and cinnamon; the dough is quite low in sugar. The finished cake is sprinkled with icing sugar. The traditional weight is 2 kg, but smaller sizes are now available.

The Stollen is also becoming more and more popular in Austria during christmas time. You can buy the Stollen two months before christmas eve in almost any Austrian supermarket.

The very tasty Mazipan Stollen from the traditional Viennese baker "Anker".