Bratwurst (Fried Sausage)

The Bratwurst (plural: Bratwürstel) is the most important dish on those popular tent parties and town and city celebrations during summer time in Austria.

The Austrian Bratwurst is a sausage made of pork. The name is deriven from Old High German brätwurst, from brät- which is fine chopped meat and -wurst, sausage. Though the brat in Bratwurst describes the way the sausages are made, it is often misconstrued to be derived from the German verb "braten", which means to pan fry or roast. Etymology aside, frying and roasting are far from the most common methods of preparation. Bratwurst is usually grilled and sometimes cooked in broth.

The Bratwurst in Austria is served with two pieces, Sauerkraut and black bread.  Sometimes the sausage can be also eaten with hot or sweet mustard, but never with ketchup. Eating your Bratwurst with ketchup is a culinaric sin.
The best drink to Bratwurst is beer.

The way Austrian Bratwürstel are served on street or tent parties during summer.