Berner Würstel (Berner Sausages)

Berner Würstel are sausages who are cut open on the side, filled with cheese, and wraps round with bacon.

The name of the sausage "Berner" does not mean the sausage comes from Switzerland. The exact origin of the Berner Wurst is not known, but it was somewhere in Austria or the Southern Bavarian area of Germany.

Berner Würstel are a cheap warm meal in restaurants. Usually you won't get them in snack bars. They are mostly served in cheaper restaurants, and one of the cheapest dishes there. You pay between 5 and 7 EUR for one portion of Berner Würstel.

Berner Würstel are eaten with french fries or potatoes.

Home made Berner Würstel with potatoes, onions and hot Estragon mustard.